CPC60115 Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying

The Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying is designed to reflect the role of building surveyors or certifiers who most commonly work for councils or private companies assessing plans, carrying out inspections and issuing approvals to build and occupy residential buildings up to three storeys.

The building surveyor has been defined by the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (2011) as "Those responsible for making sure buildings are safe, energy efficient, accessible and meet all legal requirements. They evaluate and assess plans, conduct inspections and issue building permits for example, occupancy permits."

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The course is suitable to all applicants who have good comprehension, writing and language skills.

Career Opportunities
On completing the CPC60115 Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying, graduates are qualified and recognised as having the skills and knowledge to fulfil the following roles:

Industry recognition and eligibility

The Advanced Diploma in Building Surveying - CPCPCC60115 - is nationally recognised courses.

The Advanced Diploma in Building Surveying as offered by the College of Professional Development (CPD Training) is recognised by the:

The qualification is also recognised by the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors Accreditation scheme 

The Advanced Diploma is recognised by the AIBS Accreditation scheme for Building Surveyor Limited

It is recommended that you take this information as advice only, and that you contact the relevant accrediting body for the detailed requirements of accreditation.

Program structure

The Advanced Diploma is offered as 15 modules that cover the mandatory 14 core and 3 elective units from the CPC - Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package.

Across the program you cover legislation, underpinning theory and practical surveying skills for both residential and commercial buildings.

  1. The unit of competency clustering has been separated into two parts being: Skill Set (CPCSS00004) for Residential Buildings up to three Storeys (7 units of competency)
  2. Commercial and elective units that make up the remainder of the Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying


The course is delivered on-line, and is self-paced, which means that you can progress as fast as slow you like. How long the course takes will depend on your level of knowledge and the time that you will able to commit.

It generally takes most approximately 3 years to complete the Advanced Diploma, however we do allow of 5 years from enrolment if needed.

Enrolments are open all year round, and the process can be completed via this website. Simply click on the “Dates and Registration” tab on this page of the website to enrol.

You will need to provide a Unique Student Identifier number. If you don’t have one, they can be easily created on the Australian Government USI website.


There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

We are offering the program through distance learning modules. As you will be studying by distance, we expect that you will have the following workplace skills:


This is a blended learning program that uses a number of methods to support each candidate with a background in building and construction.

You can complete the program using modes that suit your personal needs and preferred learning style, career goals, and workload and lifestyle.

Assessment methods
Written tasks - You may be required to complete written tasks, scenarios and case studies especially where you are not working in a particular area and cannot show current workplace evidence.

Simulation workplace observation tasks - Some units offered by distance mode require workplace evidence and you will undertake simulations with your assessor including oral interviews.

Assessments are designed to have a workplace focus but some of the assessment tasks will need to be completed in your own time. This commitment will be different for each person.

Feedback is provided through discussion with your assessor, written comments and marks. There are opportunities to resubmit additional assessments or evidence if there are gaps in the submitted work. We support you through this process.

Recognition and Portfolio of work evidence - You will be assessed through workplace evidence or set workplace tasks backed up interview and possibly a third party report from an appropriate manager or client to authenticate your work history claims.

Professional conversations - You will have a series of “professional conversations” with the assessor which includes oral questions on topics, knowledge and practical skills.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Your previous experience and education will be considered through a formal recognition process. We will be working with you to identify what you have learned at work, from other trade or related courses and from life experience.